Don’t Throw It Away – Fantastic Recycling Ideas

Creating Innovative Ideas From Waste

Today children are taught to protect the environment right from school. One of the ways to protect the environment is to recycle items. Simple ideas of recycling can trigger a child’s mind and set it rolling.

They can begin with household rubbish like, tins, plastic bottles and cardboards. The aim is to throw away fewer items as possible at the end of the day.

Get inspired by these extraordinary ideas. It offers both kids and adults with a great learning experience and keep them entertained. These are some simple and cost-effective ideas which children can do independently or with little supervision.

See below for some fantastic recycling ideas:


Floral Arrangement Using Fruits

flower arrangements
Office Desk Stand

office desk stand

Hemp Pendant Lamps

pendant lamps

PVC Pipe Frame

pipe frames

Artsy vase


Snow Globe

Snow globe

Cake Stands


Colorful Balloon Bud Vases




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