10 Easy & Unique Christmas Decorative Ideas

Innovative Ideas To Embellish Your Home This Season

Although the desire to put some grand decorations is there at the back of our mind, we always fall short of time. To save on time most of us continue with the previous year’s Christmas decorating designs. This year squeeze in some time to learn new twists which will give a touch of festive feel to your house.

Whether you have shifted to a new place or planning to keep yourself updated with the latest decorative ideas, there are numerous ways to create elegant DIY decorative, which will generate the flavor of festivity your family is looking for.

From pinecone owls to stairway garlands, these DIY magical Christmas decorations will transform your home this season into a beauty.

See below for amazing Christmas decor ideas:

Lit Up Hallway

Light up your hallway ceiling with twinkle lights to really get the full holiday cheer effect. This is super easy to do and won’t take up too much of your time. So don’t let anything get in the way of making your house sparkle!


Craft Stick Snowflakes

These oversized snowflakes will look absolutely beautiful hanging on your wall or windows. The process of putting them together is straightforward and you can paint them however you want to suit your home.


Frosty the Fridge Snowman

If you’re like the majority of people, you have a white fridge. This is something that should definitely be taken advantage of during Christmas time as you remove all your magnets and pictures and create Frosty the jolly fridge snowman. It’s quick, it’s cheap, it’s so damn cute.


Gift Wrapped Door

Turn your front door into a wrapped gift, complete with a gift tag! It’s easy and quick to make, and will make such a delightful impact on all who pass by.


Ice Lanterns

These ice lanterns would look amazing leading up the stairs to your home, welcoming your guests as they arrive. The addition of food coloring gives it such a cool effect, and it should be cold enough outside to stay frozen as long as you need them.


Moss Joy

Spread the Joy to the entire neighborhood with these moss-covered letters on your door. I just love the natural look and feel, and the green color is just perfect! Of course, you can spell out whatever you want with the wooden letters: Noel, Santa etc.


Holly Stairwell Garland

This giant-sized holly garland will perfectly decorate your banister. Despite its large size, it’s actually a cinch to make.


Pinecone Owls

Yes, I’m still obsessed with owls, so what a great idea to incorporate them into Christmas using pinecones! My plan is to make a whole bunch and either stack one on each stair leading up to my front door, or hang them outside in a tree.

pinecone owls

Reindeer Mailbox

Your mailbox is another extension of your house so why not decorate it? This Rudolph makeover is just so charming and it’s pretty easy to do: you basically just wrap it in rope and then add the finishing touches.


Ball Ornament Window Decoration

If you’ve followed our other suggestions of making your own tree decorations then here’s a great way to put your old ball ornaments to good use; and if you don’t have enough, just go buy some cheap ones from the dollar store. All you have to do then is hang them from your window and you’ve got yourself a quick and easy decoration.




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