Home Improvement Ideas You Can Finish In A Jiffy

Instant DIY Ideas To Transform Your Home

Remodeling the house can be a distant dream for many because of shortage of time. But you can start in a small way focusing only bringing vibrancy and comfort.

There are some small ways of improving the aesthetics of a house. This can be done in a matter of an hour or so. These home improvement ideas allow you to stick to a realistic budget too. The best thing about it is, it can be turned into a family project, with the entire family getting involved in creating a beautiful home.

Moreover, it gives scope for spending quality time and develops a bond with your near and dear ones. Not all home improvement ideas will provide you with such flexibility.

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Nautical Rope Vase

Sometimes, we own a vase we had no idea what we were thinking when we bought it. Need a quick fix? Turn it into this cool nautical rope vase.


Decorative Folding Screen

A home decor project apartment owners should make. Whether you need a divider or just a little privacy, this will do the trick.


DIY Upcycled Vintage Lamp
Add light to any room with this upcycling project. Give a vintage touch to your home decor with this DIY lamp.

vintage lamp

DIY Pottery Barn Rustic Lantern

Get this rustic DIY home decor in a fraction of the cost. This Pottery Barn inspire lantern would light up any room in your home.


Under an Hour Floor Pillow

This would be the perfect DIY room decor to your kid’s room or even your room.


Easy Mason Jar Lantern

Get ready to spend more time outdoor when you make this super easy mason jar lantern. You can also hang them indoors for a romantic ambiance.


DIY Custom Ombre Dip-dyed Curtains

Did you know that just adding curtains can create a dramatic effect in your home? Check out how to add more color with ombre.

DIY Custom Ombre Dip-dyed Curtains

Romantic Bed Canopy
An easy bed decorating idea! Add an elegant touch to your room with some hooks and lacy fabric.


Bling Push Pin Art

Make an amazing wall art in just minutes with a canvas and some push pins.

push pin art

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