Putting Trash Into Good Use

DIY Upcycling Ideas

By nature, most of us do not throw unwanted stuff away and save if for some day when we may find use for it. That day rarely ever comes and the junk keeps crowding your already limited storage space. Wouldn’t it be great if you had the motivation to turn your trash into beautiful articles of art?

Get ready to convert your chaotic storage into space that breathes creativity and using the trashy stuff that no one would like to give a second look; embark on an adventurous journey as you work with remains of burnt out candles and see them turn into new ones. How about making sun tea with pineapple skins and even better, melting down all your nearly spent lip balms into a mint container? There is no limit to what you can do, really!

Try out all these great ideas to your own amazement.

Melt down all of your almost-done lip balms into an empty mint container.

mint container

When it’s time to retire a board game, turn it into one of these cool totes.


Make a funky rug out of old, messed up garden hoses.

hose rug

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